Exklusive Event Location Studio 61

Experience unique moments at Studio 61 - an event location that combines glamour and creativity. The perfect setting for events that will be remembered.

Event location

Celebrate where hits are created: Studio 61, your gateway to the world of show business. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of golden records and music history – an inspiring place for corporate events, product presentations, and unforgettable experiences. Our team is ready to transform your event into a true highlight. The feature The USP of the location is the connection to the world of show business and offers top-notch service. Studio 61 is the perfect choice for your next corporate event.



Exploring new paths together with fun.

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Work on projects and exchange knowledge.

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With the latest technology and high-speed internet, you’ll conquer the market.

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Live events that leave a lasting impression.

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further information

We are happy to provide you with further information. We will respond to your inquiry promptly. Please use the following button for this:

Make a reservation

You can inquire about the location for your production here.

We combine audio, photo, and video studios under one roof. Please inquire about the desired area and date through our contact form and provide the details about the recording. Our team will promptly get in touch with you and provide details about the reservation and the associated offer.

Studio 61 can be booked by individuals who have reached the legal age of majority.

All production rooms and studio spaces, as well as the kitchen and restroom facilities, are wheelchair accessible. accessible.

To book Studio 61, the following criteria must be met: legal adulthood, proof of liability insurance, a signed usage agreement, and payment of the studio rental in advance.

The studio booking can be paid via PayPal or by bank transfer. The studio is considered “firmly booked” only after receipt of payment.

The rental times are based on the customer’s preference. In the field of photo and video studio, rental periods are typically to be chosen as half-days or full days, while in the area of audio recording, it is possible to book a two-hour rental period as well.

In case of exceeding the booked studio time, we charge “overtime” according to our price list.

…a refund of the booked studio time is not possible, even if the recording is completed more quickly.

In Studio 61, there will be a studio assistant on-site during your visit who can assist you with any questionsor problems.

Upon request, a catering package can be added to your booking.. You can order a flat rate is available, billed per person, as shown in the price list. Furthermore, the Studio 61 has a fully equipped kitchen available for optional booking.

Studio 61 has a dressing room, which serves as a lounge and retreat area during set changes The dressing room has two makeup stations, and a fully equipped bathroom, including a hair washing sink.

In case of damage, it should be reported immediately to the studio assistant. All further details and agreements can also be found in your usage contract

You can find Studio 61 in 56642 Kruft. We have direct highway access and the traveltime is approximately 50 minutes from Cologne and about 80 minutes from Frankfurt. There is a direct ICE (high-speed train) connection via Montabaur train station.

Studio 61 has a spacious parking area that can be used free ofcharge during rentals.

To support your productions, customers are provided with free access to the in-house internet (high-speed fiber-optic connection).

All individuals required for the production are welcome. Please provide us with the size of the crew briefly.

Studio 61 is the perfect location for your corporate event!
Team building activities, product presentations, streaming events, lectures, training sessions, and even small live performances can be held at Studio 61.
We have access to a wide range of chairs, tables, etc., and we have partners who can provide your desired equipment.
All existing furniture can be used for your production. The only exception is the artwork present in the building. Before the booked time period expires, the studio must be restored to its original condition. Further details on this can also be found in the usage contract.